10/05/2018: Small Business Spotlight: Western Ohio Chiropractic

Small businesses are an extremely crucial part of American life because they are the lifeblood of our whole economy. Most businesses are small to medium in size and are basically the foundation upon which our entire country and economy was built. 

Please enjoy our new quarterly feature called Small Business Spotlight, that will highlight a small business in our surrounding area.  This quarter our Small Business Spotlight is Western Ohio Chiropractic out of  Greenville, Ohio.

Name: Dr. Barbara Howell

Name of Business: Western Ohio Chiropractic

Briefly describe your business:  

Activator Proficient Chiropractor, wellness care, targeted physical strengthening a well as being a Juice Plus representative

When did your business start? 

December 2004.  I had relocated to Ohio in July 2004 and heard of an opportunity to purchase a pre-existing practice.  I was thrilled to have my own business.

How did you get started in this business?

In my 20’s I worked as an STNA for several years while going to college.  There was an incident with at patient where I hurt my back and wanted an all natural alternative as well as the desire to find a profession where I could avoid the use of pharmaceuticals and still help patients with debilitating pain.  I witnessed patients in these facilities which I worked and felt there had to be a better approach at health care.  I want to educate my patients as to the 5 facets of health – Nutrition, Exercise, Rest, Positive Outlook and a Properly functioning Nervous System.  It was my desire to teach people to take command of their own health and help them to be able to participate in the activities that they enjoy.

Where do you see your business in the next year?

Growing due to the addition of new and helpful equipment.

How has Greenville Federal helped your business grow?  

By offering an operating loan when we relocated as well as great customer service and convenient banking hours.

What is the one thing about your business that people may not know?

I practice using a low force technique that is able to access and address extremities (shoulders, knees, wrists, etc.) in conjunction with spinal adjustments and homeopathic suggestions for common ailments. My technique is called Activator.

What is your favorite thing to do when you are not working?

Roller Skating, watching my 3 kids play sports, watching movies and simply being a Mom.

To learn more about Western Ohio Chiropractic, click here.

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