Allpoint ATMs

In an effort to provide you with more access points to your accounts via your Greenville Federal ATM/Debit Card, we have joined the Allpoint Network.  The Allpoint network has over 55,000 ATM’s that you can use worldwide at NO CHARGE!  Yes, that’s right, we offer Allpoint to our customers as a service charge free benefit. The Allpoint Network locations are easily accessible from any computer internet device or smartphone.  Use the ATM Locator by Clicking Here to find the nearest ATM or download the appropriate Allpoint App to your phone or tablet. If you are looking for a Greenville Federal ATM Click Here.

Please note: some ATMs may display a message indicating you will be charged a fee.  Please ignore this.  Every Allpoint ATM is free for our customers to use.  However, if a charge does appear on your account, please contact Greenville Federal at 937-548-4158 to have the fee corrected.

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