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Save Interest and Taxes with a Greenville Federal Home Equity Loan


For many of us, the equity we have in our homes is a preferred, low-cost form of financing for major expenditures – a remodeled kitchen, for example. You can put that equity to work with either a Greenville Federal Home Equity Line of Credit or a traditional Home Equity Loan.

Using the equity you have in your home rather than other types of borrowing can be a good financial strategy. Interest rates typically are lower than on, for example, credit cards; and interest payments generally are tax deductible (though you’ll want to check with your tax advisor to be certain).

Called “Greenline,” our variable rate Home Equity Line of Credit allows you to draw funds as you need them – perhaps for debt consolidation, to pay for a new roof, buy a new car or pay tuition. We’ll lend as much as 90% of the equity you have in your home.

It’s easy to access your home equity funds!

  • Simply transfer money from your GF HELOC using your GF Online Banking.
  • Simply stop in any of our banking center locations to withdraw funds.
  • Simply write a check from your GF HELOC account.

Monthly repayments are interest only based on the total amount borrowed.

Greenville Federal’s fixed-rate Home Equity Installment Loan provides you with the entire loan proceeds in a lump sum.

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