Small businesses are an extremely crucial part of American life because they are the lifeblood of our whole economy. Most businesses are small to medium in size and are basically the foundation upon which our entire country and economy was built. 
Please enjoy our new quarterly feature called Small Business Spotlight, that will highlight a small business in our surrounding area.  This quarter our Small Business Spotlight goes to Rod & Cody Co-Owners of Tuscarora Wood Midwest located in Covington!

Name: Rod & Cody Long

Title: Co-Owners

Briefly describe your business:  Tuscarora is a full-service mill shop specializing in reclaimed wood products. All of our custom wood products are produced in-house at our shop in Covington, Ohio. Our process begins by de-nailing and removing all hardware from the reclaimed wood. It is then rough sawn and kiln dried. Once the wood is dry, it is moved indoors to our mill shop were it is ready to be processed into custom orders.

When did your business start?   Tuscarora Wood Midwest, LLC, founded in 2006, is a father/son, family-owned business started by Rod and Cody Long. With our mill shop located in Covington, Ohio we have the ability to ship our products throughout the United States. We personally invest ourselves into local projects as well, servicing many customers in the Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky tri-state area.

How did you get started in this business?   Rod has been a custom home builder in Southeast Ohio for more than 30 years. Rod oversees local retail projects and floor installations. With his background in home building, Rod still enjoys personally investing into each project by visiting the job site and being hands on. Cody started working construction for his dad, Rod, as a young boy. He’s always had a passion for designing and building unique products with his hands, which contributes to the creativity of custom products Tuscarora produces. Cody oversees all wholesale and nationwide projects. He also coordinates the buying of reclaimed wood inventory and manages each purchase order.

Where do you see your business in the next year?   We see our retail markets continuing to expand as the home building industry continues to stay strong.  We also have confidence that our national wholesale markets will do the same. The potential looks exciting for 2017

How has Greenville Federal helped your business grow?   Tuscarora Wood Midwest switched to Greenville Federal as our Banking Partner.  They are a true community bank that understands the needs of a small business.  Their professionalism and willingness to sit down at our place of business to discuss a plan that meets our needs demonstrates their commitment to the community.  With offices in both Greenville and Troy, we have banking flexibility and would  highly recommend Greenville Federal for all your banking needs.

What is the one thing about your business that people may not know?   The majority of flooring and beams shipped from our Covington location end up going to the west coast from Colorado to Los Angeles and north into Napa Valley

What is your favorite thing to do when you are not working?    Rod: My wife and I like to spend time with our grandkids in Ohio and Montana.  Cody: Spending time at the lake with my wife and kids.

To learn more about Tuscarora Wood, visit them online at


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