Cash Management Solutions

Payroll Direct Deposit

Eliminate the cost of writing and distributing checks, and offer added convenience to your employees. Greenville Federal’s payroll direct deposit gives you the tools to electronically transfer payroll funds directly into your employees’ accounts, saving time and money associated with manual processing.

Depository Transfers

No need to visit the bank, transfer funds electronically between your account(s) and Greenville Federal, or other financial institutions. Next day transfers are processed electronically between your company accounts.

Import/Export Capability

Reduce error and save valuable time by eliminating the need to re-key data with our Import/Export functionality. Manage large ACH files locally on a spreadsheet for uploading into a batch, or easily import or export tab-delimited files to spreadsheet applications

Electronic Federal Tax Payments

Put the control in your hands. With our Electronic Tax Payments service, you can directly initiate and “ACH CREDIT” for different types of federal tax payments, such as 941 payroll tax deposits. Our System will create the ACH Credit to the US Treasury in accordance with Federal tax payment requirements.

Collect Payments

Save time and money by replacing invoicing with EFT payments from authorized consumer accounts. Use our Collect Payments template to originate EFT Payments from your consumer accounts, whether authorized in writing, by phone, or over the Web.

Wire Transfer Origination

Reduce paperwork and conduct wire transfers right from your desk. Our Wire Transfer functionality allows you to initiate domestic transfers via our secure messaging system in minutes.

Positive Pay Check Reconciliation

Let us safeguard your business against check fraud with Positive Pay Check Reconciliation. This tool monitors checks clearing your account and automatically generates reports, quickly identifying fraudulent transactions, and increasing security.

Online Bill Pay

Get access to your bank accounts 24/7, 365 days a year with Greenville Federal’s online Business Bill Pay. Schedule one-time payments for, or get better organized by scheduling your bills in advance. Online bill pay saves you money and affords you the time to concentrate on your business.

Sub-User Administration

Be in charge of your business banking with Sub-User Administration. Save valuable time and increase efficiencies by conveniently assigning specific account access, dual control privileges, and transaction limits to your employees independently, without direct communication with your financial institution.

Principal/Interest Loan Payments

Conveniently make principal or interest payments to supported loan types at Greenville Federal. This feature can be configured differently for various loan types.


Greenville Federal offers you the paper-free convenience of electronic statement delivery! If you choose to receive e-statements, a notification will be sent to your inbox on a monthly basis, informing you that a monthly statement is ready for secure viewing.

Check Imaging

Vice your checks and exposit slips within your Internet Banking account. No waiting for copies or cancelled checks and helping you easily track your businesses transactions.

Notify Me Alerts

This notification feature allows you to designate what type of account activity, such as overdraft alerts, balance alerts, and large transaction alerts, you would like to be notified of via e-mail. As soon as one of your designated events occur, you will immediately be notified.

Quicken and QuickBooks Download

Download your account history in Quicken WebConnect and Quickbooks WebConnect file formats. Transaction will reconciled against any transactions already entered i your account register, as well as matched against any transaction you may have already enter to eliminate duplicate download entries.


Balance Reporting

With this feature, you’ll never have to wait for your monthly statement to reconcile your account register. Balance reporting allows you to get a full report of the current or previous day’s transactions and easily manage your finances.

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